I recently met Anu Määttä, a developer from Finland, who was able to connect me with Smári McCarthy(Iceland) and Petri Kola(Finland) who were able to report of projects, companies and intiatives from Iceland and Finland working with government data.


Finnish Data Catalog (their data.gov)

“Finnish public institutions are unprepared for making real APIs for their data. The data catalog is at the moment more about piloting open data related administrative proceduress and juridical questions Software projects which need budgetting will be needed for really opening up data. Unfortunatelly the data catalog will not be updated anymore before the competition deadline. But we are very happy that we have been able to create ownership for open data among highest Finnish administration! We will continue lobbying for open data after the summer hollidays. Lobbying and the competition is a multi-year commitment for us.”

Mindtrek competition (apps for democracy)
“The “Apps for Democracy Finland” is your chance to wow the world with your ideas; your chance to build better systems on top of public data; your chance to demonstrate the value and the power of public data when it is let free; your chance to take public information and display it in exciting new ways; and your chance to walk away with a range of prizes.”


Skuggaþing (Shadow Parliament)

“is a collaborative law editing system with built in direct and proxied voting. One instance of the software currently resides at
Skuggaþing where it is copying data in real time from the Icelandic parliament and presenting it in a much improved way (despite the fact that we still haven’t done graphic design!)”

The crew behind skuggathing are doing some nifty work in providing videos of parliamentary debates online with a host of social tools (ratings and commenting) to let citizens see what’s going on at any time.

- “DataMarket is a for-profit company organized around the visualization of data in general, working very specifically on government datasets when available in an effort to increase government transparency.”

- Framtíðarsýn Þjóðar” evaluates group value satements using psychological approaches and statistical analysis.”

- Hugmyndaráðuneytið“, or The Ministry of Ideas, is a collective of people working towards redefining Iceland, which organizes mass efforts, brainstorm meetings and other events which influence open governance.”

Smari McCarthy is working on opening governmental data up in Iceland and direct democracy software projects

Petri Kola is a researcher at the University of Art and Design Helsinki and is working on / coordinating Mindtrek Apps for Democracy Finland Competition in Helsinki.

We’re looking for other European gov data projects
Do you know of any other similar projects where you live?

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  1. Kasper Souren Says:

    Cool that you’ve met Anu! Have you visited http://casarobino.org/ already? Free open trash dinners every Thursday.

  2. Jonathan Gray Says:

    Have you seen CKAN.net? The CKAN software is being used for data.gov.uk.

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