user experience & interaction design

Refresh for Avent – My Baby & Me iPhone app

Helped out people at Ice Mobile on a update for the existing Philips app for mothers and fathers, assisting them in tracking their baby’s growth. Quite a weird coincidence as i had Ben come an talk at Quantified Self Amsterdam about being a parent, where he discussed aspects of quantifying raising his young child in this talk.

keywords: interaction design, flowcharts, mobile, wireframes

Question & Answer Engine – RSM
Lifesized created interaction design and wireframes for development of new web platform for RSM called “I WILL”, a central part of a communication campaign created by Poole Worldwide. This assignment integrated familiar social web tools like Twitter and “Question and Answer Engines” into a compelling collaborative space for students, faculty and professionals.

keywords: interaction design, flowcharts, social media, wireframes

Guide for art world

NARB commissioned an online art guide for the web, mobile(iPhone and mobile website) and on-location. It was an easy way to find out what was showing in museums and galleries nearby. It offered recommendations and could be used as a platform by exhibition designers to add interactivity to any given show. Lifesized together with Automatique developed the concept and delivered the technology platform.

keywords: interaction design, social media, mobile development, API

Vinoo – wine community platform

VINOO is an online wine community site. Lifesized created professional IA documentation for their web platform (as before that, none existed) and helped them understand and make design decisions during an identity and site upgrade process.

keywords: interaction design, social media, wireframes, documentation

Fuga Music
Interaction design for Independent IP on their FugaMusic application.

Media Installations

Media Plaza
Lifesized designed and produced together with Innoviting part of the relaunch of Media Plaza, a venue for conferences and seminars. Signed up guests received RFID badges which interacted with two applications, one showing their name and company on a screen as they entered the location, the other allowing guests to swap contact details via a touch screen interface. You can find out more about this project here.

keywords: interaction design, Roomware, RFID, Internet of Things

Hyves Party
Lifesized designed concept and interaction design for Hyves social network party celebrating 5,000,000th user. This ambient experience was created via people sharing their photos stored online, on Hyves, with their bluetooth presence. You can find out more about this project here.

keywords: interaction design, Roomware, Bluetooth, social media


As a strategic adviser Lifesized helps governments understand issues around specialist subject areas like: open data, mass participation, government service delivery. Lifesized focuses on improving government services, showing how small changes can lead to huge improvements while imagining what the future of government can be.


“How to open up government data” for Ministerie Binnenlandse Zaken

Ton Zijlstra and James Burke set about bringing together civil servants from across the Netherlands to form a community around this subject area. They also delivered a guide on how to open up government data (overheid site versie) and two prototypes, school finder and air pollution alarm, showcasing what can be possible if the data is made available to people with the right programming skills. “OG” (Open Government) gang sign photo from Joe Hall under CC license

keywords: interaction design, community building, open data , Web 2.0

Other clients include: Sony Ericsson, BMW, ABN AMRO, Philips, Achmea, KPN, Shell.

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