COMPANY: Record Once
Roadmap and UX to launch v1


Lead Product Designer


Workshopping, UX


SaaS, Startup


Record Once create video tutorials in minutes with AI that edits, translates and fixes mistakes.


The initial product idea lacked insight into the product landscape and marketplace. It was also simply an idea or hunch with no product.


Helped the founder learn about the marketplace and product landscape as well as sketch the
workflows for how the product should work to ship version 1.

Product Hunt, #3 Product of the Day 2023
Develop product landscape, value proposition, sketch workflows
• Originally the problem we aimed to solve for was that video tutorials for SaaS products did not scale as products changed too quickly resulting in either out of date support tutorials or high costs if a company aimed to keep up with the speed of development.
An out of date video tutorial then needs to be re-recorded to cover any new feature changes which has a financial impact.
What if we could reduce this cost changing the way video tutorials are created? Could we save time in recording an update?

• One initial insight was that we could programmatically record mouse movements over a product and record audio voice-overs as separate chunks. Any update would then only need a re-recording of some but not all mouse movements for the screens that had changed and the same for audio.

- Further time saves came through the release of GenAI multi-modal models to automate processes and add voice-overs through machine generated human sounding voices.

• I helped the founder move from idea to production via workshops on UX and mapping business objectives using tools like Business Model Canvas.

• I also helped sketch product workflows with the founder and designed version 1 of the user experience.

• Result: Gained understanding of marketplace. Clearly sketched ideas of product workflows enough to start engineering the product to ship version 1.

• Product Hunt, #3 Product of the Day 2023